“Hits Me Like A Rock” (Depressed Buttons Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    It’s not often that a remix outdoes the original version of a song. Hell, more often than not, we’re left wondering why a lot of remixes happened in the first place. But in the case of Depressed Buttons’ take on CSS’s latest bouncy single, “Hits Me Like a Rock,” we’re more curious about why it took this long for these two acts to (in a sense) collaborate.


    The three guys of Depressed Buttons — Clark Baechle, Todd Fink, and Jacob Thiele — might be better known for their work as part of seminal dance-punk outfit, the Faint. But with more remixes like this and their recent signing to Mad Decent, Depressed Buttons are sure to garner plenty of attention for their synthesizer-heavy jams.


    They have successfully dismantled and taken the poppiness out of “Hits Me Like a Rock” without losing an ounce of the original’s charm. CSS frontwoman Lovefoxxx’s vocals still ooze swagger and the bouncy vibe remains. But the latter quality has been boosted by the addition of even more layers of synth, some of which have been glitched, and tribal-esque percussion. It creates the type of atmosphere made for late-night dance parties and headphones-wearing head-nodding sessions.


    You can stream and download (by clicking the down arrow) the remix below.

    CSS’ new album, La Liberación drops Aug. 29 via V2/Cooperative Music Network/Downtown.


    CSS: “Hits Me Like a Rock” (Depressed Buttons Remix – Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag