“Hitchhiker” (Video)


    Neil Young has a new album due on Sept. 28 titled Le Noise. It was recorded with producer Daniel Lanois, and is being previewed by a web clip (see below) about the making of the album, and a video for the song “Hitchhiker” (above). Judging from these clips, the fuzzed out guitars sound like a return to Ragged Glory territory, which bodes very well for the record.

    The only thing missing here that was present on that album is Crazy Horse, but if you can imagine a drum-less version of that record then you’re half way to picturing “Hitchhiker” and possibly Le Noise as a whole. The video is a simple performance, shot mostly in black and white and sepia tinted colors, with Young sounding vital in a way that he hasn’t done for the past few albums in his canon.


    [via Pitchfork]