“Hippies Is Punks”


    Southern California surf punks Wavves return today with a new single. “Hippies Is Punks” is the eighth of 12 tracks from Adult Swim’s ongoing Singles Program. The new track is a little grungier than much of the band’s work, which may or may not appear on the next Wavves album.

    Frontman Nathan Williams recently divulged some details of the band’s follow-up to 2010’s King of the Beach. He tweeted, “Throughout the whole creative process there was no label involvement…. John, Stephen and I payed for the record ourselves. We had no time limit, no person telling us we needed a single…. Once we were done we took it around and let labels listen to and bid on a finished product. 100% ours, no changes…. The music business is so much different now and that shouldn’t have to be a bad thing.” Check out Wavves’ latest single, “Hippies Is Punks,” below. [Stereogum]