“High Ground” f. Isaac Brock (MP3) (Prefix Premiere)

    Judging by “High Ground,” the first advance track from singer-songwriter Orenda Fink’s Ask the Night, the cryptic nocturnal image is an ideal fit for the mood of the release. Fink gets all placid and pastoral, singing to a dude who’s so destructive he’s like a flood, while banjos get busy in the background. Damn, a flood, really? One verse of a woman telling dude that he’s as bad as what made Noah put all those animals in the ark, and he should get the picture. Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock provides backing vocals.


    Ask the Night is out Oct. 6 on Saddle Creek Records. The track list is as follows:


    1. Why Is the Night Sad

    2. High Ground

    3. Sister

    4. That Certain-Something Spring

    5. The Garden

    6. Wind

    7. Alabama

    8. The Mural

    9. Half-Light

    10. The Moon Knows