“Here to Fall” (MP3)

    If you heard “Periodically Double or Triple,” the first preview track from Yo La Tengo’s upcoming album, Popular Songs, and you’ve followed the band at all over the years, it should come as no real surprise that “Here to Fall” sounds nothing like that. The second preview song (and opening track on the album) finds the band genre-hopping away from the R&B taste of “Periodically Double or Triple,” but they don’t stray too far. With the warm wah effects and thick bed of strings, the song channels some of Isaac Hayes’s most epic stuff, even as all that gets filtered through Yo La Tengo’s own signature grimy warmth. Spread that psych-soul combination over nearly six minutes and you’ve got another massive rocker from these guys, and a song that sounds utterly fresh, even as the vibe feels familiar. [Pitchfork]