“Hell’s Angel” F. BJ The Chicago Kid

    As he proved with the bangin’, Black Thought-assisted “Riot,” Los Angeles rapper Thurz is no longer the sometimes-superficial, fun-loving MC that he was as part of the now-defunct U-N-I. Instead, he’s embraced his more reflective, contemplative side as part of his solo debut, L.A. Riot. Thurz accomplishes this without being overwhelmingly preachy or whiny, though. Rather, it’s genuine and poignant, like his latest single, the soulful “Hell’s Angel.” It’s all about the concept of having to go through hell before you get to heaven, which BJ the Chicago Kid croons on the hook. “Hell’s Angel” is mature hip-hop with a message that also just sounds really good in your car.

    You can stream the track below. L.A. Riot is out now.