“Heir Time” (Video)

    A few years ago, Evidence and guests the Alchemist and Fashawn dropped some pretty great visuals for the track “Far Left.” It featured the MCs essentially doing a hip-hop version of Bob Dylan’s classic video for “Subterrean Homesick Blues” as they, too, flashed different pieces of poster board to correspond with their lyrics. And one of the cooler moments came when Alchemist flashed a picture of a slug and an ant to refer to his usage of the term atmosphere. In case you don’t know, the hip-hop duo of Atmosphere is made up of Slug and Ant.

    Rap nerd stuff, I know, and you have to imagine that that particular moment stood out in Minneapolis-based rapper MaLLy’s mind when he and director Victor Rukavina came up with the concept for the “Heir Time” video, which features a cameo from Slug. It’s essentially an update on the “Subterranean Homesick Blues” formula as the MaLLy ditches the poster board for an iPad to highlight specific words in his rhymes. It’s also just another means of highlighting one of his finest tracks to date. “Heir Time” is a soulful banger that’s fueled by frequent collaborator the Sundance Kid’s complementary production.