“Heart” F. Keep Shelly In Athens (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    We’ve come to know (and adore) the work of Newbridge, Ireland’s Jack Colleran through his electronic/ambient work under the guise of MMOTHS. Most recently, he shared his rework of “Heart,” also stylized as “<3,” which now features dream-pop duo Keep Shelly in Athens. It’s the latest release from MMOTHS’ forthcoming debut EP on SQE and, appropriately on Valentine’s Day, we’re now seeing some visuals for “Heart.”

    The most endearing element of the video is its subtly. It’s not in-your-face romantic or terribly heavy on the saccharine. Rather, it’s a low-key, youthful affair that focuses on the affections of a group of teens making their way through some picturesque countryside. If you’re looking for something sweet to send your loved one, this is it. 

    You can watch the video below.