“Heads Of The Heads” (Video)

    Closed Sessions: ATX was one of the more interesting projects crafted last year, both in quality and execution. It came together during the 2010 SXSW festival when, per usual, a shitload of artists were down in Austin to strut their stuff across as many stages as possible. And rather than just get some live footage or anything like that, the guys behind Closed Sessions decided they wanted more to come out of the event than foggy memories. So they invited some of their favorite artists, including Freddie Gibbs and GLC, to record vocals for what would eventually be a compilation/documentary. It dropped earlier this year and featured some really strong material, particularly from the two aforementioned rappers. They appear together on “Heads of the Heads,” a synth-laden banger that now features some appropriately gritty black-and-white visuals from Davy Greenberg and Elephilms. Closed Sessions: ATX is out now. [Ruby Hornet]