Starting with “Dreams Money Can Buy” in May, Drake steadily dropped off a new cut every few weeks. Most notable was “Marvin’s Room,” which surfaced in the second week of June and has since been all over the damn radio. At least, it’s impossible to not hear the song at least once every hour down here in Raleigh, N.C.


    Drake then stopped dropping free tracks completely until late last night when he uploaded “Headlines,” the supposed first single off his sophomore album, Take Care. It had been called a “pure banger” by folks who had heard it, which isn’t entirely the case. Boi-1da’s beat certainly bumps, but it never surges like you would expect from something described as a “pure banger.” Drizzy gets energetic with his flow, but, again, it’s never hugely celebratory. Rather, it’s closer to something I’d describe as a subdued banger or a head-nodding braggadocio fest. Yeah, either one.


    You can stream the track below and download it at October’s Very Own. Take Care is due out Oct. 24.