“Headlines” (Video)

    Somewhat randomly, Drake has just dropped off the visuals for Take Care‘s lead single following a quick tweet of “Dropping ‘Headlines” at 6pm…so you know it’s real.” And, as promised, he posted the “Headlines” music video to his October’s Very Own blog one hour later. Like the track itself, the visuals are understated aside from some quick (and sharp) edits and cuts. I mean, for the most part, you just watch as Drake raps and sings while his crew nods along in front of a building and at a dinner table. There are a bunch of shots of him doing the same thing by himself, though, which further proves that whole sensitive/loner-thing people think he has going on. Whatever, with a solid track like this, Drake could have done far worse and it would have worked. Personally, I dig this.

    You can watch the video below. Take Care drops Oct. 24.