‘Hater Of The Year Preview’ (EP)

    Before he releases the entire project some time next month, deft producer Silky Johnson has released the Hater of the Year Preview EP. While his name might not instantly grab you — unless you’re a Chappelle’s Show fan, of course — you might know him as the dude behind a slew of beats for the Green Ova Undergrounds crew. Like other producers providing subterranean instrumentals for the Bay Area collective, Silky doesn’t reside anywhere near California. He’s actually from Boston, where he probably dwells in a home studio all day crafting the psychedelic beats heard on Hater of the Year. If you only have time to check out one before you decide to download it (for free), be sure to peep “Chasin’ Paper.”

    You can stream the EP below and download it on Bandcamp.