“Harps” (Video)

    The new Sea and Cake video for “Harps” runs like a Wes Anderson movie. Quirky characters just going about their quirky lives. And the director Jay Bumin really gives these two girls that complete retro feeling that makes you nostalgic for days when you too would have those quirky summer days. Remember those summer days off from middle school and high school before you were burdened with having to get that part time job to pay for you video game addiction and eventually your next technological gadget? And in addition to the sweet new music video, “Harps” is a sugary lush song that’ll have you hungering for the seasons to change back to that warm summery day.   

    “Harps” is now available on their new album Runner out on Thrill Jockey.

    Watch the new music video below:

    [Pitchfork TV]