“Handwritten” (Video)

    On July 24, New Jersey rockers the Gaslight Anthem return with Handwritten, produced by big time rock producer Brendan O’Brien. We’ve already heard the first single “45” (and their explosive take on Letterman), and now comes the album’s title track and its accompanying video.

    The song details the birth and subsequent life of a song, and the video follows suit. An unnamed guitarist begins by jamming out a few chords in his garage practice space before finding the melody and passing the song down through the generations. It’s a unique, all-American vision, one that the band credits to drummer Benny Horowitz. He recently told Absolute Punk about the idea:

    “The original concept stemmed from an idea I had about following the life of a record. How these inanimate objects hold such sway in people’s lives, and how something that meant so much to someone can mean so little to someone else. And vice versa. Records have always been a huge part of my life in many ways, and I often stare at them and wonder what their story is. This idea was a way for me to tell their story.”

    Watch it all unfold below. [Consequence of Sound]


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