“Hammers And Vogues” F. Curren$y

    We got the news earlier this month that Stalley plans to drop his Savage Journey to the American Dream mixtape a mere eight days from now, on March 30. When we reported on that, we also got a taste of the new tape in the form of “Trap Money,” which is low-key in comparison to today’s drop, “Hammers and Vogues.”

    The new track follows in the tradition of Stalley’s “Address,” which also featured a great guest spot from Curren$y, and is perfect for this turn in season. It’s uptempo, saturated in a good deal of warmth and still bangs. Plus, it’s got a chorus everybody can rap along to in their choice of summer inebriation. Stalley teased when talking with Rolling Stone about the collab with Spitta, saying, “One day we may have to do a whole project together.” If only. You can stream “Hammers” over at Rolling Stone.