‘Halloween H20’ (Mixtape)

    Another month, another Lil B mixtape. But what makes this new offering from the Based God is (yep, you guessed it) the Halloween novelty. For the potentially copyright-infringing Halloween H20, Lil B channels his inner Michael Myers for 20 brand new jams, which boast that same balance of lyrical brilliance (“I’m sending numbers off the top like a fucking ruler/ I’ll put you n****s in a box like an old computer,” he spits on “Problems In The Streets”) and hilarious ig’nance (“I’m a pretty bitch and I’ll fucking kill you/ It’s like Chicago ’cause I’ll fucking drill you,” he boasts on “I Rep The West”). He even covers Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit A” beat on the tape’s title track, which makes for an interesting comparison.

    So without further ado, throw on your party costume (yeah, the one you look ridiculous in) and celebrate Halloween with the Based God below.