Woe to those who are not listening to Trophy Scars, the Psychedelic, heavy blues ensemble. The band matured and refined their sound with their near-perfect 2010 release Darkness, Oh Hell, which they followed up with the sublime Never Born, Never Dead. If you’ve never heard of the band before (and sadly, chances are you haven’t), take a listen to the awesome new track “Hagiophobia” from their upcoming Holy Vacants LP.

    For non-Latin nerds, Hagiophobia roughly translates roughly as a fear of all things Holy and Religious, with particular relation to Saints. Damn, that is a Trophy Scars song name if I’ve ever heard one. In addition to the track, the band have also unveiled the above album art for Holy Vacants, designed by none other than This Will Destroy You’s Chris King.

    Holy Vacants is currently slated to be released digitally October 29th, with a vinyl release set for Record Store Day (November 29th). The official tracklisting for Holy Vacants is as follows:


    01. Extant

    02. Qeres (An unmastered version is available on the band’s Youtube page)

    03. Archangel

    04. Crystallophobia

    05. Burning Mirror

    06. Hagiophobia

    07. Chicago Typewriter

    08. Vertigo

    09. Gutted

    10. Every City, Vacant

    11. Everything Disappearing
    12. Nyctophobia