Back in April, we brought you Phedre’s “Aphrodite,” a (relatively) laid-back electro-pop jam that inhabits a unique headspace. Today, Phedre returns with “Haberdash,” a new song put out by DAPS Records to benefit UNLOVABLE, a Toronto bar shut down over the weekend.

    “Unique headspace” doesn’t even begin to describe “Haberdash.” It’s a melange of styles, with a dark atmosphere wafting through the song’s three-minute runtime. Phedre has a way of crafting their own little world with all manner of sonic sound effects: there’s that windy drone, the cheesy-but-foreboding keyboard, the rubbery bass, and that drunkenly-stuttering drum beat barely holding everything together. “Am I awake or dreaming?” goes the chorus. Phedre do all they can to not answer that question.

    Take a listen to the track below, and purchase it through DAPS’s bandcamp. [Gorillavsbear]