“h e r e i n h e a v e n 3” (Elite Gymnastics Cover)

    In case you missed them when they sort of blew up on the Internet this summer, Elite Gymnastics are a spazzy dance production duo, who parlayed a collection called Ruin 1 & 2 into a record deal with Acephale, who is reissuing the collection this week. But Elite Gymnastics are already onto other projects: Ruin 3, which features a bevy of acts covering Elite Gymnastics. The first one to make it’s way to the net? This spaced out cover of “h e r e i n h e a v e n” by How to Dress Well that replaces the thrust of the original for an R&B sway. Bother versions are great. Listen below to How to Dress Well’s cover. 

    elite gymnastics – h e r e i n h e a v e n 3 (Cover by How To Dress Well) by Acéphale

    Here’s the original:

    Elite Gymnastics, “Here, In Heaven” MP3 by The FADER