“Gunz” & “Game” F. Tyler, The Creator

    If he had had these two tracks at his disposal, chances are fellow Prefix editor Andrew Winistorfer would have shown some love for “Gunz” and “Game” in his review of MellowHype’s properly issued Blackenedwhite. But he probably didn’t because they only appear on the iTunes version of the album. All that aside, even though both tracks fly by at less than two and a half minutes. don’t let their brevity throw you off. Neither track sounds like a throwaway. “Gunz” is an exercise in grimy/off-tempo minimalism while “Game” bangs like an equally disturbed sequel to “Sandwitches,” Tyler, the Creator appearance and all. OK, it’s not quite as wild as that track, but “Game” is still pretty creepy.


    Blackenedwhite is out now on Fat Possum. You can stream “Gunz” and “Game” below.


    MellowHype: “Gunz”


    MellowHype: “Game” f. Tyler, the Creator