‘Gucci Classics 2’ (Mixtape)

    Gucci Mane was on his somewhat-confusing shit yesterday in terms of mixtape releases. In the morning — at 10:17 to be exact — he dropped his return-to-form project in Trap Back, perhaps one of his strongest efforts in the past 12 months or so. But then, while everyone was watching the Super Bowl, he decided to release yet another free mixtape.

    What’s interesting about this one, though, is the fact we all thought we’d be hearing it sooner. As fans of the face-tatted rapper will remember, he was supposed to drop Gucci Classics 2 during the holidays. Yet, as those days came and went, we hadn’t heard a thing about it. Until last night, of course, because the mixtape I was alluding to earlier was indeed Gucci Classics 2 and you can download it here. View the track listing below. [XZ]

    1. Fresh Out
    2. Kick Door
    3. Street Ni$$a$
    4. Money In The Attic
    5. Trap Back
    6. To War
    7. Spanish Plug
    8. Colors
    9. Rich Nigga Shit
    10. Im A Dog
    11. Two Dope Boys
    12. Leading Lady
    13. Never Too Much
    14. On Deck
    15. Jewelry
    16. Jada Pinket
    17. Mr Zone 6