“Grove St. Party” F. Lil B

    Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape is indeed dropping today and many of its tracks have even started hitting the web. And yes, that’s the cover art over there to your left. Additionally, the rumored Lil B feature has made it onto the project and, wouldn’t you know it, his feature leaked late last night.


    Grove St. Party” jacks the otherworldly Lex Luger beat from Waka Flocka Flame’s track of the same name and boasts Weezy at his most “loaded” (his words). His verses are equal parts battle rhymes and punch lines, the latter of which cause him to laugh after every other bar. This normally would be kind of annoying, but it works so well because he and the Based God are clearly having a shitload of fun here. “Grove St. Party” is just one of those tracks where you can tell both dudes are talking bullshit, but they’re also really enjoying themselves. Damn you, “Lil” rappers, it’s too early for this shit.


    You can stream the track below. Sorry 4 The Wait is due out today.