‘Grizzly City 3’ (Mixtape)

    Fashawn took a brief sabbatical from his Grizzly City mixtape series around 2008, when the rest of the world beyond California began getting wind of the young rapper. Among other projects, he was busy with mixtapes such as Ode to Illmatic and The Antidote, which was produced entirely by the Alchemist. Oh, and his fantastic proper debut, Boy Meets World, with producer Exile.


    But here, Fash has returned to his roots with Grizzly City 3. The mixtape’s 18 tracks include guests both local (Grafik and Night) and from across the country (Lil Wayne and Ron Artest (yes, that Ron Artest)). And if leak “Santiago’s Revenge” was any indication, expect plenty of hungry, fired-up bars for Fashawn. I mean, come on: “I see through ’em like X-rays/they lame, in fact/they ain’t part of the game/hang they ass!” Damn.


    Download Grizzly City 3 at DJ Booth.