“Gravitron” (Prefix Premiere)

    If you’re looking for a new indie-synth-pop tune to get absolutely lost in, Brooklyn’s Tiny Victories are here to help. Their new single, “Gravitron,” is so addictive that I’ve probably had it on repeat for the past 30 minutes. Don’t be surprised if the same happens to you, because there’s no denying the uber-strong songwriting abilities of Tiny Victories’ Cason Kelly and Greg Walters.

    From the shimmering synthesizers to the driving production to the soaring hook, the track stands as the very definition of a musical earworm. If you’re digging it, too, be sure to mark Feb. 28 on your calendar. That’s the release date of their new EP, Those of Us Still Alive, on their own label, BirdDog Records.

    You can stream “Gravitron” below.