“Graveyard Eyes” F. Jared Swilley (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Montreal’s Mark Sultan returns to his latest garage rock romp, Whatever I Want, to issue some fittingly haunting visuals for album highlight “Graveyard Eyes.” Director Nick Benidt could not have been more on-point in his adaptation of the snarling tune. I mean, what better way to highlight the deliberately gritty music than with an equally intentionally low-budget video?

    The thing looks like it’s been ripped right off a VHS tape in the best way possible. Sultan and guest Jared Swilley, of Black Lips, howl and wail away while you watch swirling images of demonic females, psychedelic art, and, of course, plenty of eyes. It’s wild, memorable, and totally creepy. Watch the video below. Whatever I Want is out now.