“Gotta New One”

    Juicy J’s latest track, “Gotta New One,” is like hip-hop meta at its finest. The hook is a sample of Wiz Khalifa saying, “Left my old bitch at home, got a new one”; the vocal sample within the beat is the same one used in Jay-Z’s “Never Change”; and then you have Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator filling in any blank space with a gravelly ad lib of “swag.”  For all those reasons alone we’re feeling “Gotta New One,” but it’s also just a pretty great banger from Juicy J. He’s got a(nother) new mixtape on the way, too, and apparently it’s due out soon. Its name? Blue Dream & Lean. We trippy mane, indeed.

    You can stream the track below.

    Gotta New One (produced by Juicy J and Crazy Mike) by TrippyJuicyJ