“Good Morning” (Daytrotter)

    Permalight, Rogue Wave’s little-noticed fourth album, sounded a whole lot like a mid-life crisis: the generic electronic blips and forced joy of a track like “Good Morning” seemed like overcompensation, like frontman Zach Rogue knew his creative drive was stagnating and was trying to throw us off the scent. Yet here, forced to abandon that ill-suited electro angle, Rogue reveals layers to the song that were probably there all along. Which is to say he turns it into the sort of melancholy, made-for-prime-time-soap-opera song that he made his name on in the first place. And a solid half-decade into this whole commercialization-of-indie thing, I think we can admit that that can be a good thing. You can listen to the track, and the rest of the Daytrotter session, here.

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