“Gold Soundz” and Interview (Live On Colbert) (Video)


    New Yorkers finally get a chance to check out the Pavement reunion this week, and the band also stopped by the Colbert Report last night (Sept. 20). An awkward looking Steve Malkmus subjected himself to an interview prior to the performance of “Gold Soundz,” in which he claimed the reason for getting back together was “because it’s fun.”


    It’s a mercifully brief chat with the singer, in which Colbert does almost all the talking, and you can feel a palpable sense of relief from Malkmus that it’s over when the host asks him to perform a song. The performance of “Gold Soundz” is exactly what you’d expect—a little catchy, a little sloppy, and more than a little nostalgic. Apparently it’s the song of the ‘90s, don’t you know?