“Gold Pass” (Prefix Premiere)

    As a follow up to 2010’s excellent album Made Like Us, Paper Tiger–the live DJ/producer for Minneapolis-based Doomtree–is readying the release of his new (appropriately titled) EP called Summer. It won’t be out until Aug. 14, but we’re premiering “Gold Pass” here today!

    The track pounds; do not be fooled by that opening acoustic guitar. Tiger has made a beat with a real sense of movement. There are lulls–like when you first hear the vocal sample and footstep-like percussion–and they’re followed by wider, bassy drums and electronic effects that mimic the sounds of crickets and birds chirping. Overall “Gold” feels like somebody’s being chased outside. But then there’s this one swooping sound that comes in and out of the track like a UFO, and it provides a needed touch of mystery to the whole landscape. Very cool. Listen below.