“Gold Chain” (Starring Ron Jeremy) (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    The filmmakers at dreambear are back at it with another gorgeous video set to the music of Black Light Dinner Party, a four-man production crew with roots in three different cities. Earlier this year, we saw these two collectives hook-up for the sentimental “Older Together” video. And in the ensuing months they must have stayed in touch because they have collaborated once again on the “Gold Chain” visuals.

    The music video for “Gold Chain” is just as crisp and beautifully shot as its predecessor, and it, too, flirts with nostalgic, romantic vibes. But it’s altogether much more fun, if only because it stars the only male porn star you know by name. That’s right, Ron Jeremy, aka Super Mario, is a featured actor in the video. He basically serves as one of the vehicles in the narrative, which follows the daily life of a gold chain. You can watch the video below.