“Go Outside” (Video)

    Thanks to music blogs, “Go Outside” rocketed New York film students Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin from obscurity to a major label, despite only having released four songs. It’s ironic, then, that their first experience working with quasi-famous actors Emma Roberts and Dave Franco (whose brother, James, you may know better) is for a music video to “Go Outside.” They didn’t even get to direct the thing; that honor fell to Patrick Hoelck.

    The video follows the mid-60s aesthetic the band seems to love so much: Emma Roberts comes out of a French New Wave film to drive around town with Dave Franco. They have a great night but, sadly, at the end she must head back into Movie Land. It’s the latest in MTV’s “Supervideo” series, in which popular indie bands get videos from quasi-famous filmmakers. (The video for LCD Soundystem’s “Pow,” featuring Anna Kendrick and directed by David Ayer, was an earlier example.) It’s a perfect match for “Go Outside.”

    Cults will be going on tour in the U.S. starting March 10 (dates here) and then an as-yet-untitled debut LP will be out in May.