“Go Out On The Town” f. Jeezy

    I get the feeling that Killer Mike’s label, Grand Hustle Records, which is under the Warner Music Group umbrella, was waiting to hear this track before signing off on a final release date. Because as we all know, majors are convinced that they need a big single to sell albums. I’ll leave my comments about all of that at the door, but what I will say is that “Go Out On the Town” damn well better amount to some radio play for Killer Mike. The production is huge, the hook is catchy and filled with partying references, and it features a guest verse from Jeezy. You can’t ask for a much better combination than that. It’s just sad to hear Mike say, “Tip back home,” in the first verse. Sigh.


    Stream “Go Out On the Town” below and download it here. PL3DGE drops May 17.