‘Glass House’ (EP) (Prefix Premiere)

    Post War Years know how to go big. While many bands might use synthpop as a vehicle for building warm, slow, hypnotic spaces, this London foursome skips over the dreamy stuff to summon a sound that’s blindingly, insistingly awake. The bold and muscular new wave on their debut Glass House EP calls to mind some of the most addictive music ever to come out of a Moog, while still drawing upon plenty of sounds and structures from across the contemporary indie map.

    Pulling from places like the Psychedelic Furs, Tears for Fears and most especially Depeche Mode, Post War Years craft electropop tunes that are as expressive as they are infectious. Title track “Glass House” breaks from its bouncy verse riff into a full-blown hook, while “Brazil” pushes into psychedelic dance territory as tropical vocals loop around oscillating fuzz bass. Closer “Mirror,” meanwhile, tackles Arcade Fire highs as its military beat swoops into a commanding final catharsis. These exuberant, danceable anthems point to a promising start for the U.K. band.

    The Glass House EP will be released Monday, July 16 on Chess Club Records. Take a listen below. The release is now available for pre-order as a digital download or on 12″ vinyl.