“Give Up” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Ryan Karazija, formerly of West Coast indie rock band Audrye Sessions, uprooted himself from his longtime home of San Francisco, Calif. and decided to start over elsewhere. His new residence? Reykjavík, Iceland. It might seem like a strange place to suddenly move to, but he stumbled upon a newfound inspiration in the bitter cold.

    And it was in the Icelandic capital city where he recorded his eponymous full-length debut as Low Roar. He weaves rich, lush textures across Low Roar, especially on its latest single, “Give Up.” Driven by Karazija’s tender-but-direct vocals, light acoustic guitars, and emotive pianos, the track carries an equally contemplative and cinematic vibe. Both feelings are portrayed in the superb visuals for “Give Up” that follow the daily life of a reclusive, aging man. It’s a gorgeous, movie-like look at just what Karazija might be referring to in his lyrics.

    Watch the video below. It was directed by Ali Silverstein while the cinematography was done by Brian Fawcett.