“Girls” (Prefix Premiere)

    The Montreal-Toronto duo of Prince Innocence garnered some well-earned attention last month with the release of a three-track EP, Night People. The project is driven by an addictive, fuzzy combination of Josh McIntyre’s minimalist synthesizer grooves and Talvi Faustmann’s hypnotic vocals.

    Labeling their work as “synth-pop” feels cheap and almost too easy, but it’s also entirely fitting given their sound. They also touch on other musical realms, as they have a beat smooth and steady enough for a rapper to hop on while the layers of synths and keys creates a dark, albeit swayable, atmosphere.   

    This is all particularly evident on the duo’s latest song, “Girls,” which we’re bringing to you today. Don’t worry if you find yourself keeping this one on repeat, because we have, too. You can stream and download the track below.