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Giant Drag: "Stuff To Live For" (Video)

It’s been a long time coming for fans of Giant Drag. In 2005 the Los Angeles-based boy-girl duo of Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese, whose blend of swirling guitars and sneering vocals left a palatable and lasting impression, largely dropped off the radar after the release of their debut album Hearts and Unicorns. Following a three year hiatus, Calabrese returns to the lineup, and the band’s record label issues appear to be behind them. Giant Drag is apparently hard at work on their second album; in the interim, they are releasing the four-track “Swan Song” EP on Feb. 16 to tide us over. In the video of “Stuff to Live For,” a song which first appeared on the “Kevin Is Gay” single, the newly blond-haired Hardy tries to keep a stiff upper-lip as she’s showered with confetti, pasta, yogurt, vegetables, chocolate, feathers, and an array of other delicacies. The production isn’t as fuzzy and the guitars are a touch more menacing on this updated version.


Swan Song EP track list:

1. Swan Song

2. Stuff To Live For

3. White Baby

4. Heart Carl


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Giant Drag

The title track on this EP is great.

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