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Ghostface: "Message from Ghost" f. Novel (MP3 - Final Version)

Ghostface's pretty mellow "Message from Ghost" is meant as a message of support for Rihanna (and all women who are victims of domestic abuse), and while it could easily slip into corniness (which it kind of does, sometimes), Ghost seems legitimately concerned about Rihanna. He tells her to"Protect ya neck," and Novel comes on at the end to add some buttery smooth vocals urging women not to fall for abusers. Call it a Ghostface public service announcement. [2 Dope Boyz]


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Thats the beauty of Ghost, he can say anything and get away with it.


Ghost is so underrated when he's doing raw emotional tracks like this. Dude has got one of the most sincere deliveries ever. The Glenn Lewis sample takes me back too.

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ghost is looking after you, ladies. wish i could be there to be protect you, but i can only do so much. stay strong.

t rossellini

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