“Get $$$” (Prod. Hot Sugar – Prefix Premiere)

    We’re one day away from the release of one of our most anticipated projects of the year in Big Baby Gandhi’s new mixtape, NO1 2 LOOK UP 2. And in case you haven’t caught the Young Kama Sutra bug yet after hearing cuts like “Hi It’s Me, Baby” and “Boogie Nights,” the final leak from the tape will definitely do the trick. 

    Backed by Hot Sugar’s head-nodding, wheezy synthesizer-driven production, Big Baby Gandhi does his best (tongue-in-cheek) impression of rappers from the late ’90s throughout “Get $$$.” He drops lines about his bling, fur coat, and, of course, getting money.

    Hell, even if he was serious about bringing back the shiny suit era of hip-hop, this track would still absolutely kill it. “Get $$$” is just that addictive. You can stream and download it below.