“Get It Forever” F. Nas

    Without question, the most-anticipated track on Mobb Deep’s upcoming EP, Black Cocaine, is “Get It Forever.” Why? Because it features the grimy duo (again) linking with fellow Queensbridge native Nas. These guys could be at their worst and we would still muster up some excitement for their collaboration. But Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and Havoc have been (mostly) killing it since Prodigy got out of prison earlier this year. And I think it goes without saying that Nas has been on fire, but yeah, he has delivered, and then some, on every track he’s rapped on lately. So it’s no surprise that these guys have killed it here on “Get It Forever,” a track that makes us hope Nas and Mobb Deep will follow through on their joint project after all. Stream the track below. The EP drops Nov. 25.