German Studies (Track Review)

    Not being a Deutsch scholar myself, I’ve got little idea what the Deal sisters are singing on this track from only their 4th full-length album since 1990, Mountain Battles. With the Breeders it’s always been more about how they sound than what they’ve said. Not a lot of honey-eyed lovers professing to be one another’s "coo-coo cannonball" these days, I’d imagine. Three languages are all easily converted to our heroines’ specific brand of nicotine-charred nonchalant cool during the course of the album, and perhaps it’s typecasting that the single tightly wound track would be the German one. "Im dunkeln," they repeat, when the whiplash guitar occasionally lets up. That’s "in the dark" for you and I. But it doesn’t feel like a morose, self-pitying blackness at all. More like a sudden dimming of the lights to spook their pals. As they layer in short bursts of detached "ahs," I keep picturing Kim popping from a couch, flashlight shooting up from under her chin. Who can resist a little German accent in mock sinister goofs such as these?