Slidecamp might look like a new name on paper — because it is — but its two members are actually rather big names in the West Coast electronic scene:  Boreta, of Glitch Mob, and Comma. And together, they make music that’s as far removed from the glitchier, more urgent of their respective catalogs. Slidecamp’s new single, “Geometer,” is a gorgeously mellow affair that’s closer to the earlier work of acts like Telefon Tel Aviv or even what Thom Yorke was doing on his solo album. The moody ambient sounds serve as the canvas for slightly glitched drums, a synthesizer melody, slow-burning bass, and other building elements. It’s not entirely clear where this track will end up, though the duo’s website promises that a new album is coming soon.

    Update: That new album? It’s out now on Glass Air and it’s self-titled.

    You can stream “Geometer” below.

    Geometer by Slidecamp