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Gentle Friendly: "RIP Static" (Video)


London’s Gentle Friendly rely on combining a repetitive organ drone with militaristic drums and a rapid-fire vocal delivery on “RIP Static” from their newly released debut album, Ride Slow, on Upset the Rhythm. The production wraps the band’s krautrock inclinations in a shoegaze gauze, fortifying the song’s sweeping epic address on a small-scale canvas. The video employs stop-motion photography of a dollhouse, where it’s natural to think the ancient looking puppets are plotting evil deeds. The song offers enough latitude where a color montage of family day at the beach would have worked, but the proffered creepy black and white version is better. [Via: Fader]


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Gentle Friendly

Awful band (as great as Upset The Rhythm are), really enjoyed the video though.

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