“Gangsta Shit” F. USDA

    It appears that Jeezy is looking to stay all up on your radar as he has both a solo and a group album due out relatively soon. While his TM103 project is finally hitting stores on Dec. 20, his record with his USDA crew is yet to have a firm release date. Given that it’s, um, all over the ‘net, chances are it will drop soon.

    For the most part, USDA’s The After Party focuses on the other members of the crew, namely 211, Boo Rossini, and Slick Pulla. But Jeezy’s instantly recognizable drawl is still all over the album, like on recent leak “Gangsta Shit.” It’s a low-key celebratory joint from the crew that serves as a fine way to start the morning, or, perhaps, an even better means of calling it a night. You can stream the track below. [DGB]