“Gangsta Luv” ft. The-Dream (Stream)

    You have to hand it to Snoop Dogg; the reason he’s had such a long career is that he attaches himself to producers at their peak. He got the Neptunes around 2002-2004, and now, with “Gangsta Luv,” a new single from his upcoming Malice in Wonderland, he’s teamed up with The-Dream. “Gangsta Luv” posits that you ain’t had it proper until a gangster hits it*, which is a sentiment that is similar to a lot of Snoop’s recent-sort of R&B joints of the last few years. It’s weird how much Snoop promotes Dream on this record though; he gets a shout at at the beginning and at the end of each verse. You’d think this was a Dream song with a Snoop feature, not the other way around.


    Malice in Wonderland is due out later this year. [Real Talky NY]



    *- I really have no idea what that sentence means.