“Fun That We Have” (Paul Banks from Interpol) (MP3)

    Growing a mustache and adopting a pseudonym usually indicates some kind of mid life crisis, although Interpol’s Paul Banks isn’t quite old enough for one of those yet. Banks has named himself Julian Plenti for his forthcoming solo album, which is titled Skyscraper and is due for release on Matador in August.

    “Fun That We Have” is a nervy and disjointed track that bears Banks’ distinctive vocals. The music contains a few electronic gurgles, an icy atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of Bowie’s Berlin period, and more ideas than Our Love to Admire contained across its entire 11 tracks.

    It bodes well for Skyscraper, which clearly isn’t going to be a massive change of direction for Banks, but seems set to indulge his artier impulses, which have been quashed of late as Interpol has transformed into an unremarkable rock band.