“Frick Park Market” (Video)

    In case you missed it, earlier today Donald Trump decided to offer his co-sign to ready-to-explode rapper Mac Miller, who the Donald called “the new Eminem.” OK. Well, while we’re not totally down with that statement — I don’t think Miller would be, either, considering their vastly different styles — we are down with admitting that the guy clearly has a lane.

    Look, kids in high school and college need music to smoke and drink to like everyone else and that’s just what guys like Miller and fellow Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa offer. It’s not our thing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what Miller is doing on tracks like “Frick Park Market.” He’s a goofy youngster with a decent flow and a solid ear for beats, let him live.

    Miller’s debut, Blue Slide Park, drops in November.

    [Rap Radar]

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