Canadian producer Lunice has made his name both via killer YouTube videos and solid remixes with some great collaboraters; check this Lunice collab remix with Diplo of Deerhunter’s “Helicopter” for a solid example. “Freaky” is a solo Lunice tune, released via Lunice’s Twitter today, and it is an absolute banger, sounding like someone threw Missy Elliott’s “Work It,” Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg” and some Joker tracks into a pot and boiled them down to their bare essential elements. The beat straddles Timbaland electro hip-hop, Boi’s future funk and some purple dubstep for a killer swag. The man’s also willing to accept dance routines and freestyles of the beat, so if you think you can rock this, let him know. If this doesn’t turn your subwoofer on high, nothing will. Listen below. [Fader]