“Freaks And Geeks”

    For those of you not yet familiar with actor/comedian Donald Glover’s rapping alter ego, meet Childish Gambino. His style resides somewhere between Lil Wayne and Das Racist with hints of indie rock thrown into his production. Like Weezy and the guys of Das Racist, Gambino is heavy on the wordplay and similes. But he uses them more as tools than a set of crutches, though, admittedly, his lyrics tend to be borderline-absurd at times. I mean, just check out these bars from his latest track, “Freaks and Geeks”: “An elephant never forgets/ so my dick remembers everything” and “While you n***as masturbate/ I’m in the Ariel Pink.” Anyone who has been following Glover’s run as Gambino knows that his output has only gotten better with time. With that in mind, I expect great things from his forthcoming, not-yet-titled EP.


    Stream “Freaks and Geeks” below.