“Forget The Song”

    It’s been 10 years since we last heard from LA’s Beachwood Sparks on Make The Cowboy Robots Cry, which means it’s been a long time since they’ve so beautifully taken up the mantel of Gram Parson’s hazy country-rock sound. Lucky for us, the boys are back at it. After playing at the SB20 shows in 2008, celebrating Sub Pop’s two-decade anniversary, the band is back withThe Tarnished Gold, a new album out June 26.

    “Forget The Song” marks our first listen to the new material, and it doesn’t disappoint. The band swelled to seven members for this record and you can hear how things get just a bit more intricate, just a bit more lush on this great new song, and when the chorus swoops in, hoping “the spring melts the winter in my heart” you’ll warm right up too. This one couldn’t come at a better time, since this song (and the band’s past work) sets up an album with the kind of hazy layers perfect for those dog days of summer. You can stream and download the track below.

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