‘Forever Frozen In Television Time’ (EP)

    Prior to Camu Tao’s passing in May 2008, he and longtime friend, collaborator, and fellow Def Jukie El-P teamed up to form Central Services. And together they created an EP, Forever Frozen in Television Time, back in 2005 that El has now decided to give away for free. From what I’ve heard, it’s not what you might expect from these two. There are some serious rock and soul influences, though hip-hop remains crucial to the duo’s sound. You can hear this especially on the eerie and eccentric “What God Should Do,” which leaked two weeks ago. Also, consider this an appetizer to hold you over until you can get your hands on Tao’s forthcoming, long-in-the-works posthumous solo debut, King of Hearts*.


    You can download Forever Frozen in Television Time here. King of Hearts is due out Aug. 17.


    *Want to know more about King of Hearts? Check out El-P’s Tumblr.